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Monkey puts together buyers, suppliers and sponsors in which buyers find the best receivables in the market, suppliers achieve the best sales conditions and sponsors strengthen their businesses and productive chains. And all in just 3 clicks! 

So, shall we begin?

Buy receivables safely and fast

Monkey helps you find receivables from large companies within a trusted, clear and fully controlled environment.

It has never been easier to find, acquire and manage your receivables portfolio. All this through the screen of your computer or in the palm of your hand.
  • Diversified origination
  • Process control
  • Tokenization of receivables
  • Traceable transactions

Sell ​​your receivables in a practical way.

In 3 clicks you determine which risk (receivable) you want to sell (1),
the amount you need (2)
and the selling price (3).
Simple like that. 


If your customers (our sponsors) still do not have the Monkey program running, click the button below and let us know who you would like us to be with. We will work to bring them.

Sometimes these relationships are complicated but with Monkey
it does not have to be this way.

We know how much relationships matter in our lives, whether between people or companies. Our platform expands and promotes the improvement of the relationship between suppliers and sponsors.

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Look who's already with us! We believe in and value ourselves in long-term partnerships, and this is only achieved with confidence and efficiency. 

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