Monkey is an ecosystem
whose purpose is to make
the receivables discount market more efficient,
benefiting the supply chain of large
corporations and expanding the
credit market for
SMEs in Brazil.

The idea is to connect, through a digital trading platform, traditional industry suppliers to buyers of receivables.

The platform works based on a real-time auction system, which creates a competitive process among buyers, new securities/receivables are added and traded daily.  Moreover, all operations take place in the secure, customized and scalable platform environment.

Monkey was founded by Gustavo Muller and Bruno Oliveira in July / 2016, with a long history in the financial and technology market. Now they are together to offer a solution that dreams of changing the way credit is understood and priced in Brazil.

Obviously, Monkey is much more than its founders, it is a group of incredible people, who soon fell in love with the idea and dream of the founders and work to transform the world. Monkey also has the right group of investors and we would like to thank them for beliving in our dream and for all the support.

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Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 1485
Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo - SP
CEP 01451-001